logo ifip     27 th IFIP TC7 Conference 2015

on System Modelling and Optimization

SophiaTech Campus
Sophia Antipolis, France
June 29-July 3rd, 2015


Modeling, Estimation, and Control Related Issues in Physical and Biological Applications

H.T. Banks (NCSU), John Burns (VPISU), and Charles J. Holland (ONR)

1. Franz Kappel- Comparison of different approaches to parameter subset selection
2. D. H. Fuertinger- Sensitivity Analysis and Subset Selection: A Clinical Application
3. Ekkehard Sachs- Issues in Preconditioning Iterative Solvers for Optimization Problems
4. Karyn Sutton-Modeling and Estimation Approaches to Quantify the Impact of a Recent Invasive Species, Pomacea maculata, and to Inform Management Strategies
5. Azmy Ackleh-Understanding the Dynamics of Amphibians and Associated Diseases Using a Structured Modeling Approach
6. John Banks- Population models for the protection of ecosystem services
7. Kevin Flores-Mathematical methods to enable accurate parameterization of density-dependent structured population models
8. Lorena Bociu-
9. John Burns- Parameter Identi cation for Physics Based Models: Calibration and Prediction
10. Carlos Rautenberg - On inverse problems arising in applications for quasi-variational inequalities
11. Hien Tran-A Stochastic Approach to Nonlinear Mixed E ects Modeling: Applica- tions to Pharmacokinetics Modeling of Metformin
12. H T Banks-Optimal design of non-equilibrium experiments for genetic network interrogation