logo ifip     27 th IFIP TC7 Conference 2015

on System Modelling and Optimization

SophiaTech Campus
Sophia Antipolis, France
June 29-July 3rd, 2015


Partial Differential Equations in the Modeling of Collective Phenomena

Rinaldo M. Colombo (University of Brescia), Simone Goettlich (Mannheim University), and Paola Goatin (Inria)

Typically, the macroscopic modeling of systems involving large numbers of individuals/particles makes use of partial di erential equations. This mini-symposium will gather experts that are currently developing and studying PDE models for road traffic, crowd dynamics, supply chains and classical fluid dynamics. These fields share the common target of capturing macroscopic features caused by microscopic interactions. New hard challenges arise, at the modeling, analytic and numerical levels. The diversity of the applications presented by the speakers of this mini-symposium will foster the exchange of information among active researchers in these fields.