logo ifip     27 th IFIP TC7 Conference 2015

on System Modelling and Optimization

SophiaTech Campus
Sophia Antipolis, France
June 29-July 3rd, 2015


Oscillation, Degeneracy and Controllability

Paola Loreti (Sapienza Universita di Roma) and Daniela Sforza (Sapienza Universita di Roma)

The systems considered are modeled by partial di erential equations of evolution type, in particular PDEs with time-reversible dynamics leading to oscillation processes. The goal is to drive the system in a given time, acting on the system with the control functions, from the initial state to a given final state. The problem of null controllability is illustrated for degenerate parabolic equations. The vibration of viscoelastic objects, governed by integer-di erential equations, are studied and the controllability problem is solved for special domains.