logo ifip     27 th IFIP TC7 Conference 2015

on System Modelling and Optimization

SophiaTech Campus
Sophia Antipolis, France
June 29-July 3rd, 2015


Inversion, Estimation and Control of Uncertain Distributed Dynamical Systems

S.Avdonin and V.Maksimov (IFIP WG 7.2)

Abstract :
The mini-symposium will address the issues of inversion, estimation and robust control of uncertain distributed dynamical systems, with emphasis on systems described by partial differential equations (PDEs). Their focus is motivated by numerous applications involving uncertain dynamical systems, and by the importance of PDE systems whose modeling capacity is extremely high. The mini-symposiums team has a strong background in the basic techniques to be employed: analysis of inverse problems; numerical methods for distributed systems; robust dynamical inversion and control; control of singular systems with distributed parameters; and control and inversion of infinite- dimensional systems. The methodology will lie at the intersection of the theory of inverse problems, theory of estimation, and theory of guaranteeing control (or closed- loop differential games); it will include the use of inversion/estimation algorithms in the design of control regulators, and the use of feedback controllers in the design of on- line inversion or/and estimation algorithms. Research will comprise solvability analyses; the design of constructive solution algorithms; robustness analyses; adaptation to selected applied problems; program implementations; and numerical tests. The mini- symposiums tasks will include the elaboration of new methods of robust control; development of dynamical robust inversion techniques; and syntheses of inversion, estimation and robust control methods in processes of regulation of uncertain poorly observable distributed systems. Applications will concern identi cation and control of time-delay systems and systems described by phase-field equations.